Sinvid Is For Sale is for sale. This is a fully functional Performer FanBase System built upon the .NET platform with a MS SQL Server database backend and full Cloudflare integration.

Features Include:
  • Full TUS Client for streaming content from Cloudflare
  • Fully Functioning Administration System
  • Integrated Merchant Account System
    You will need your own actual merchant account
  • Existing Twitter Account
  • Adjustable Member Commission Rates
  • Twilio SMS Messaging to Performers
  • Automated Member Renewal System
  • Integrated Performer-Member Chat w/Twilio
  • Daily SMS Text Reporting for Admin(s)
  • CDN Storage of static content (Azure & Cloudflare)
  • Already Generating Minimal Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimized

Asking Price: $20,000 obo
(minimal migration support included, or we can host and maintain it for you for a small monthly fee.)
(migration includes using your own Cloudflare, Azure and Twilio accounts, or you may use ours and pay for your usage fees)

For Inquiries: [email protected]