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I have been in entertainment my entire life. I have done 20 years of live theatre. I have worked on 47 major Motion Pictures, which includes a string of early Stephen King films, The Abyss and Blu Velvet. I have worked with various departments of  the film crew but for most of the films, I was on as Assistant Editor.

I worked for a few years doing work for Television, such as Public TV in Atlanta. I have worked with a number of bands and musicians as an Audio Engineer for live sound as well as in the studio recording, editing, mixing, and mastering for mass reproduction and commercial release.

I came to California from the east coast in 2010. Ever since then, I have been tirelessly pursuing my life-long dream of modeling and adult film making. I had been involved in a few amateur productions on the east coast, but California is a much larger playing field that I want to be a part of and be involved in.

I launched my official website, JacquieBlu.xxx, in 2016 which now contains some very large Photo Galleries and over 40 videos and scenes.

I have been fortunate enough to have shot several BDSM scenes with Mistress Cyan and others at The Sanctuary LAX, with more scenes on the horizon very soon. I have also had the great pleasure to shoot with Paranormal Perversions, which produced some exceptional scenes that I am very proud to have been a part of.

In early 2017 I started my own production company, Blu Dreamz, with which I have produced, directed, performed in and edited numerous scenes with a lot more on the way. With Blu Dreamz, I have worked with the likes of Kristen Kraves, Natalie Chen, Lana Solaire, Chloe Wilcox, Riley Reyes and many others.

I have been receiving no less than 2 awards every year beginning in 2017, as well as being a sponsor every year for the same years. In 2020, I also received my first nomination for AVN, Favorite Trans Porn Star.

I cannot describe the intense feeling I get when I realize that I am actually fulfilling a life-long passion and desire, as I had been wanting to work on adult films ever since I was quite young.I really love what I do and cannot imagine doing anything else.

To all my followers and fans, thank you all so very much for all your love and support, not to mention all the video sales. I love you all. I wouldn't be here and enjoying life so much if it weren't for you.

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